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Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) Crucifix on Cord - Catholic Milestones Catholic Store Ottawa

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Choose the 2 1/2 inch Via Crucis Crucifix in black enamel on a military cord.  This Via Crucis crucifix features all 14 stations of the cross in detailed images on the reverse side.  The four images featured on the front of the crucifix are: an Eagle, a Bull, a Lion and an Angel holding the Bible symbolizing the four evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This piece was made in Italy, has a silver oxidized finished to perfection as only the Italians can do, and measures approximately 2.5 inches in length.

Genuine 550 military cord is known for its strength and durability.  This quick drying all weather cord is resistant to mold, mildew, rot, abrasion, tangling, and will not fade with sunlight.  The cord is tightly knotted, and will not break away or come undone.  This is not a break away cord, do not wear when working with heavy machinery or there is a risk of the cord getting snagged.  This crucifix is also available with a magnetic clasp.