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Milestone Rosary - Stone Paracord Rosary

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Don't be fooled by poor imitations, the original Catholic Milestones paracord rosary is a full sized paracord rosary with hand cut stone beads.  Our five decade stone rosaries are 20 inches long and weigh approximately 200 grams, with some variation as they are hand made to order.  For a limited time, this rosary comes with a complementary medal.  After browsing our Medals section, add your choice to your order notes.  

Want an entire rosary in one stone? Contact us with your questions or special requests, we are here to help.   

David triumphed over Goliath with his faith and five stones in his pack. Overthrow your Goliath with five decades of hand cut stones.  There is something special about praying with the weight and feel of hand cut stone beads, using beads fashioned from God's creation.  Please note that sword is not included.