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Crucifix with Stone - Catholic Milestones

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Medio  Stone Height  25cm
Grande  Stone Height  35cm


Hand carved Tilia wood Jesus in natural wood on sedimentary rock.  

In the Alps of Northern Italy wood carving is an ancient traditional past time during the long snowy Winters. The region is rich in precious hardwood trees.   Over the centuries a unique form of wood carving has developed. The deep faith of these people naturally expressed itself in the form of elaborate crosses, altars, and nativity scenes.

Skiers and tourists, recognized the beauty and craftsmanship in these beautiful wood sculptures which have become recognized worldwide.  To maintain quality and tradition wood carvings are appreciated as art.  Our Italian craftsman continue to use exclusively high-quality woods and produce sculpted wood pieces in limited editions.

The individuality of our sculptures gives to our work lasting value. Made to order, hand carved by Italian artisans. Expect to receive your wood sculpture approximately 3 weeks after order.