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Why I have started to wear my Crucifix, always and everywhere

On an every day trip to the grocery store with my daughter I ran into a coworker, a good friend who I know to be a faithful and practicing Catholic.  I do not recall our quick conversation, but as we parted ways we shook hands and without a second thought he said "Jesus Lives!" to which I responded "Thanks be to God!" and went about my grocery shopping.  A few minutes later, as I was speeding along the cereal isle past the colourful and sugar filled options before my daughter took notice, she looked up at me curiously.  "Daddy, is that man Catholic?"  I looked around and it struck me that my children are growing up in a very different world than I did. 

As a child I always assumed the people around me were Christian, and it was a very good assumption. In my daughters question there was the surprise that we had spoken of God and Jesus outside the walls of our home and Church.

So my daughter taught me a lesson that day, and from that day forward I have worn a visible crucifix.  My Catholic faith is very much a part of the person I am, the Truths by which I navigate the world and I dare say our communities, cities, provinces, and countries are in dire need of people to stand up for these Truths.

As we approach the Lenten season this is what I propose.  Instead of giving up chocolate, or committing to being a "nicer person", wear a crucifix.  Show the world we are still here, holding on  to the Truth after 2000 years of swimming against the current of secular society, and going strong.