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Some Favourite Catholic Content

As a Catholic parent of seven children this is the beginning of a list of resources and blogs that my wife and I found informative, helpful and/or a pleasure to read.  

The Catholic Gentleman's Guide : Well written and insightful blog articles. An excellent resource for Catholic men providing a source of guidance and inspiration.  

Amy Thomas : Insightful writing on a variety of topics Culture Dating Family Marriage Relationships Religious

Chris Bray : Resources to explain and defend the Catholic faith

David Patterson : Conversion Story and personal /practical insights 

Legionaires of St. Maurice : Catholic Men's Fellowship

The Catholic Millennial : a variety of topics including Christian apologetics and a younger perspective, a millennial perspective

Stumbling Toward Sainthood : a range of topics and book reviews from Kate, "engineer by day, tutor and catechist by night, and Catholic all the time (or so I try)"