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Pope Francis Pectoral Cross

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Featuring the original design by the Genoese sculptor Antonio Vedele, made in Italy.  

1) Pope Francis Pectoral Cross on 24 inches of Walnut paracord. The knotted cord is tightly knotted, and will not break away or come undone. This is not a break away cord; do not wear when working with heavy machinery or if there is a risk of the cord getting snagged.   

2) Pope Francis Stone Pocket Rosary : Pope Francis Pectoral Cross with Immaculate Conception/Miraculous medal rosary centre, walnut 550 paracord, and Tiger Eye stone beads.  David triumphed over Goliath with a staff, five stones, and a sling. Overthrow your Goliath with a crucifix, five decades of hand cut stones, and a cord.  There is something special about praying with the weight and feel of hand cut stone beads, using beads fashioned from God's creation.